Sundays at The Net

St Pauls 256x192

We meet most Sundays at 4:30 pm, at St Paul's Church Armitage Bridge, HD4 7PD (follow link to map) in Huddersfield. Each Sunday meeting may be different but can include music, images, video, prayer, talks,  songs, hymns, readings, reflections, discussions, communion, teaching, drama - in fact almost anything.

Please note that on the the 4th Sunday of most months (Sept 24th, Oct 22nd and Nov 26th) we'll be meeting at St John's Church Newsome at 10.30am to share in a Arise service instead, so not that afternoon at St Paul's.

Also, with the Net Clothes Swap event on Saturday Nov 18th, there'll be no Net meeting on Sunday 19th.

Due to the nature of The Net, the venue, time or even day can be changed to suit the specific event - so it's always worth checking the rota to see what's going on.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.