The Church of England's Safeguarding Policy for children, young people and adults was adopted by The Net Church Huddersfield at the AGM on March 27th 2019 (see below). Follow this link to view the policy.


 Key Roles and Responsibilities of Church Office Holders and Bodies Practice Guidance


The incumbent/priest in charge

Name  Rev Julie Anderson (accountability relationship only)     Contact number 01484 962184


The Parish Safeguarding Officers

Names            Mrs Marie Lewis                      Contact numbers 07986 302445


Who co-ordinates work in your church related to children?

Name  Mrs Emma Pearson        Contact number 07784 446451


‘Adults at risk’ worker?

Names            Mr Christopher Jowett           Contact numbers 07539 236206


Who will you talk to if you observe or are told about Safeguarding concerns?

Name  Mrs Marie Lewis                  Contact number 07986 302445