About us

The Net Church is part of the Church of England based in Huddersfield. We are a network church which means we do not operate through a parish like most Church of England churches, but aim to work through networks of relationships.

For more information on what The Net is about, please explore the site further, or contact us.


Mission Statement

"By knowing and loving God and each other, we seek to enable people to develop a real and relevant relationship with Jesus."

The Net Mission Statement

Knowing and loving God

Because God loves us deeply our focus will be on Him Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We want to see Jesus glorified and to spend time studying the Bible, worshipping and praying, by…

  • Believing in the centrality of the Bible.

    Aiming to study it and experience it in our daily lives, both personally and corporately.

  • Believing in making worship, prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit a priority in our lives.
    • Believing prayer is vital and must surround all that we do.
    • Being open to the Holy Spirit with an expectation to see him working in our lives and in our church.
    • Having freedom in our worship and praise to express and explore our love for God.
    • Regular breaking bread (communion) together.
  • Recognising the need for ongoing discipleship and aiming to nurture each other’s relationships with God.

Authentic loving relationships

We are committed to authentic loving relationships, recognising that the church is the body of Christ and is made of people not buildings. We believe that relationships are more important than activities, by…

  • Believing in building authentic loving relationships with each other
    • Being committed to sharing our lives in God-inspired loving relationships, with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.
    • Our relationships with one another being based upon unconditional love, honesty, fairness, practical sharing and friendship as modelled by the early church. Recognising that such relationships are best nurtured in small groups where people can feel listened to, cared for and have the safety to be open.


    • Actively welcoming people from all walks of life, regardless of their age, sex, race, class, ability, or stage in their Christian life. We will work to avoid cliques.

  • Believing that the church should be a unified body of Christians all developing and exercising their spiritual gifts.
    • Aiming to see every member of the body as of equal value and having an important part to play in ‘The Net’.
    • Encouraging and supporting the development of everyone’s gifts to their God-given potential and recognising that people’s roles may change.
    • People undertaking roles according to their gifts and leaders leading with servant humility.
  • Believing that building God-inspired loving relationships conflicts with over burdening ourselves with church activities and meetings
  • Believing, as a church, we are to represent God’s heart to others.
  • Expecting God's loving concern for people’s material, emotional and spiritual needs, both locally and globally, to lead us to action.

Being a relevant Church

We believe that all people matter to God. In sharing the Gospel we will try to be a relevant church to today’s cultures in all we do, constantly considering how we appear tofamily, friends, neighbours and work colleagues, by…

  • Believing our relationship with God should affect all areas of our life, including our lifestyle.

    Aiming to demonstrate that God is important to us through the week and by trying to talk about our faith naturally and normally.

  • Believing that the children and young people are an integral part of the church.

    Believing children and young people are special to God ? they are an integral part of the body and our approach needs to be tailored to be culturally relevant and interesting to them, using people who are gifted in this way.

  • Believing in being an open and ‘user friendly’ church to all.
    • Aiming to be welcoming, loving, creative, experimental, exciting, interesting and by having fun.
    • Aiming to provide an environment to which it will not be embarrassing to bring a friend.
    • Aiming to use everyday language, practices and media as well as avoiding Christian jargon. Assuming no prior church experience and aiming to be understandable to everyone.
    • Aiming for high standards in all we do.
  • Believing we should constantly consider how we appear to anyone visiting or joining with us.
  • Regularly reviewing our activities and making changes if they are not working.

The Net Church Leadership

The Net Church has no paid staff, but we have a leadership team and we aim to run as a community.

Joining The Net

If you are not already part of a church and would like more information about joining the Net, please contact us. Alternatively, why not come along one Sunday and see what we are about!

The Nets's Safeguarding Policies can be found here.